Made in India

Company Profile

Double Dee technology Pvt. Ltd is a family owned business. Our family has been an international producer of diamond tools since 1968. Our main production facility is located in Mumbai, India. The company manufactures world class diamond tools for the Stone and Construction markets.

In order for our company to compete in the international market the need for high quality products is necessary. To meet these standards the company has invested in the Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) machine. This state-of-the-art HIP machine is the heart of our plant and is a key factor in staying ahead of the competition.

Our combination of world class equipment, trained manpower and quality raw materials provides the direction for companies like Double-Dee to play the international markets with high quality industrial diamond tools. Above and beyond our service is the cornerstone of our marketing endeavor of high quality diamond tools that bear the 'Made in India' seal with pride!

Our Technology

We imbibe the highest level of research and development for all our products which is complemented by our manufacturing technology. Mainly all our diamond tools are processed through the advanced Hot Isostatic Pressing Technology (HIP). Proven better mechanical properties and higher diamond retention forms the differentiator of the HIP advantage. This technology allows for the production of superior quality diamond tools which can be produced in mass quantities at repeatable field performance. The use of advanced raw materials from world class suppliers completes our advantage in offering advanced diamond tools.

Our Identity

Technology, design and value have been innovatively integrated into shaping Double Dee as a fast growing global diamond tool company. 2014 will mark a new phase in its journey with the introduction of state-of-the-art technology, advancement of its footprint in new markets and a service standard that has set the benchmark for others to follow. These changes have been visually manifested in Double Dee's newly launched identity. The identity depicts the company with a 3 dimensional look representing solidity, commitment and dynamism. The logo amplifies the brands intent by depicting the reflection of small d into the capital D suggesting doubling of the advantages that Double Dee offers to it's customers, from both a product and service dimension.

Double Dee aims to continue to play a leadership role in the pursuit of excellence and be an industry front runner in the evolution and innovation of diamond tools and other products.

Our Future

Our present manufacturing plant is close to being exhausted of its capacity with the increase of our global sales. This in perspective we will be moving to a new state-of-art LEED certified, ISO 9001:2000 and ISO 14001:2001 recognized plant in the middle of 2014. Our new plant will produce not only our present products which are diamond wire, wire beads, circular saws, multiwires but will also expand to manufacture cup wheels, core drills and other quality products.

Global Reach

We have been constantly improving and developing new products such as the recently launched patented Circular Saw Blades for the stone and construction industries. We have always focused on offering world class quality products at prices which deliver a better yield for our customers. Having the above commitment we export more than 40% of our production to our direct customers and channel partners the world over. We have created the necessary infrastructure to increase our global reach and committed ourselves to be global player in the diamond tool industry for Stone and Construction applications.